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Why is Durabase the market leader and how does it differ from other steel base systems.

  1. Durabase is manufactured and used in single and two storey buildings and so can cater easily for all your high wall needs.
  2. Durabase was the first steel base company and so is the oldest and is tried and tested. It has surpassed all warranty expectations and is now in its 25th year of manufacture
  3. Durabase has a wall and skirting system that comes in two parts and has an enforced damp course membrane (like houses) creating a moisture break between the ground and the wall section.
  4. Its skirting system is made of non-porous concrete board that can happily be dug into the ground to stop unwanted rodents nesting under your floor system.
  5. Durabase walls sit directly onto the steel base on top of the damp course membrane. All its wooden flooring sits inside the dry walling system and so is not exposed to the elements to rot /swell with water ingress.
  6. Less concrete pads are needed due to the more robust type tested steel.
  7. All fixing legst are securely anchored using fixing pads and this was a major design recommendation from the structural engineering team
  8. Access to site is maximised by having smaller manageable parts to construct the base that are engineered to lock together for rigidity rather than large welded sections
  9. Durabase +Plus is the only system that passes the Scottish warrant office regulations
  10. A large range of Bricks and mortar types are available for all durabases and we can mix and match the skirt and the wall brick types to blend in perfectly with your home.

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