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Durabase conservatory base benefits

Some of the benefits of using a DURABASE are

Durabase plus will pass Scottish building regulations no other base on the market can do this.

QUICKER....The Durabase arrives in kit form, complete with flooring and underfloor insulation ready for a quick and easy assembly. The average base can be installed within a day!

EASIER....Uneven or sloping sites and difficult site access are easily overcome with Durabase.

CLEANER.... There’s no need for large scale excavations, which minimises the amount of soil to dispose of and the disruption caused to the site.

COST EFFECTIVE ....No need for expensive relocating of manholes or drains.

STRAIGHT FORWARD INSTALLATION .... Durabase is suitable for either professional or DIY installation. Durabase can be assembled with just a little DIY experience. No specialist tradesman or brick layers are required. The Modular walls are bricked and mortared before they are delivered to site.

U-VALUES.... U-values of 0.27W/m2k #(walls) and 0.22W/m2k* (floor) can be achieved.
# walls must be insulated and foil-backed plasterboard used. *Durabaseplus floor system

GUARANTEED.... Durabase and DurabasePlus are covered by our own 25 year guarantee and are covered with the BBA certificate. (Certificate No. 08/4525).