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Durabase Conservatory base Specification

Is durabase a real competitor when compared to a traditional build conservatory base?

The original BBA accreditation document is over 12 pages long and really shows that the durabase is a tried and tested product and a real building solution not some temporary structure that will not be blown away the first time the British weather unleashes itself. The durabase is not new to the market and is now on its second round of warranties and in its 25th year of production so there are a lot of bases out there.

Durabase is manufactured by ISO registered firm; ISO9001:2008. Cert No: 20073102

Background of the durabase

Being in its 25th year of manufacture In 2015 the decision was made that with the current changing market the durabase was to be moved forward to a fast track approval by Jhai. This was to become a complete building regulated approved offsite building system. This system now includes prefabricated units made for buildings including the growth markets of orangeries, single storey brick extensions whilst still maintaining all the tried and tested conservatory base options and technology.

Put under rigorous testing for structural performance it’s backed by a 25 year warranty can your builder match that?

How do you know if your conservatory wall will stand up to the great British weather?

With its comprehensive pass in the weather tightness and moisture penetration durabase can take extremes in all weather conditions.

Still not sure well with its improved thermal properties the durabase is the next generation of conservatory bases.

Thermal Capabilities of the durabase

The durabase comes in two forms the standard durabase for Uk & Ireland and the super warm durabase plus to comply with the much more stringent Scottish warrant office thermal building regulations.

The main difference being the 225mm skirt depth and the extra insulation supplied with the durabase plus

Still not sure about Durabase?

Well with its improved thermal properties the durabase is the next generation of conservatory bases see here (http://cbc.CBC.co.uk/durabase/technical)

Durabase wall thickness Drawings

Please see here for our technical drawings (http://cbc.CBC.co.uk/durabase/technical)

Bepoke manfacture.

All our durabases are made to order and so we can get around most issues or just simply replace walls. Whether you have worries about drains positions or cut outs for back door steps or protruding pipes durabase is most versatile base on the market. Just give us a call and one of our helpful knowledgeable staff will be able to give you help and advice on your base or building requirements.

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