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Conservatory Base Brick Selection Chart

Durabase conservatory bases come with a wide selection of different brick types for you to choose from for your conservatory base. This means that you can select the brick size and type to exactly match your house so your conservatory base blends in with your current building and does not look like an add-on.

With over 20 of the most common conservatory brick types we are sure that you will be able to find the brick type of your choice. We can mix and match these to your house for example if your house has 2 blue engineering bricks to start with at the bottom of the conservatory base wall and then changes to a red brick we do exactly the same. Not got a brick finish? Don’t worry we can supply a concrete board finish suitable for rendering. Whatever the conservatory base finish durabase has the answer.

If you do not see a suitable brick match then please contact us and we will try and find a match to suit your requirement.